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Holy Spirit, Batman!

Batman. Superman. Spiderman. What do all these jokers have in common? They all live double lives. Sound familiar? The Bible calls it the Spirit (the hero) v. the flesh (mild mannered guy). Join us as we study the person, purpose, and power of the Spirit.
Date Title Audio Video Notes
Apr 1, 2007 Here He Comes to Save the Day!
Mar 25, 2007 Power Up!
Mar 18, 2007 Spirit Sense
Mar 11, 2007 SPEAK
Mar 4, 2007 The Universal Translator
Feb 25, 2007 The Believer'm Utility Belt
Feb 18, 2007 Phone Booth Time
Feb 11, 2007 The Holy Spirit Identity
Feb 4, 2007 Peter Parker or Spiderman?