Media Libraries

Old Testament

  • Genesis Commentary

    Genesis Commentary

    An overview of the Book of Genesis taught to the youth group at Toutle Christian Fellowship. 11 sessions
  • Genesis - Let There Be Life

    Genesis - Let There Be Life

    God created the world. The world was created for life. Life was created for relationship. God creates for the purpose of relationship. God created you for the purpose of relationship. Do you have it? Only through Jesus. 37 sessions
  • Exodus - Out of this World

    Exodus - Out of this World

    While Exodus is a historical narrative it does several other things, most important of which is it points us to Jesus. 18 sessions
  • Judges - No Turning Back

    Judges - No Turning Back

    Judges covers about 350 years of Israel's history. The people sin, find themselves in servitude, make supplication, God brings salvation, then they spiral back to sin. We hope to learn from their success and mistakes and not turn back. 21 sessions
  • Daniel - Living Life on Purpose

    Daniel - Living Life on Purpose

    Daniel lived life on purpose. He recognized God was sovereign and decided to live his life in light of that reality. He was used by God to communicate some amazing truth. God can do the same with us. 10 sessions
  • Habakkuk


    Faith means faith. Most of the time we don't understand what God is going to do. When we find out we usually don't understand why. Pride wants to be in control. Faith needs to trust, no matter what. 3 sessions

New Testament

  • Matthew - Rabbi Meshiach

    Matthew - Rabbi Meshiach

    Jesus was a Rabbi. What does that mean? Much more than just one who teaches. Jesus had disciples. What does that mean? Much more than just one who follows the teachings of another, be that strictly or conveniently. Jesus was and is the Meshiach. What d 27 sessions
  • Luke - Son of Man

    Luke - Son of Man

    More than the other gospels, Luke emphasizes the humanity of Jesus Himself as well as Jesus' heart for humanity. Luke puts Jesus in the middle of the lives of people; accessible to all intentionally accessing all, and showing them the way of Messiah, the Son of Man. 17 sessions
  • Acts - The Acts of the Holy Spirit

    Acts - The Acts of the Holy Spirit

    A verse by verse study through the Book of Acts. 56 sessions
  • Romans - God's Power to Save

    Romans - God's Power to Save

    There is power, power, wonder working, life transforming, sin delivering, family healing, love restoring, heart returning, power, in the blood of the lamb. That's the gospel. 22 sessions
  • 1 Corinthians - The Body of Christ

    1 Corinthians - The Body of Christ

    We will be looking at it from the perspective of The Body of Christ. A body is an interdependent and interconnected collection of systems that work together in order to do what the Head tells it to. A body requires breath to function. The more it works, the more breath it needs. Jesus is the Head. The Holy Spirit is the breath. Join us as we learn how to be a better body of Christ from the lessons of 1 Corinthians. 16 sessions
  • Colossians - Systemic Christianity

    Colossians - Systemic Christianity

    If there are parts of your life that are isolated and compartmentalized, then you aren't walking in systemic Christianity. Sometimes this is intentional because we want control either our of pride of fear. At other times it has crept in through the influence of something else that looks or feels right, but isnít.This is where the church in Colossae was when Paul wrote them a letter. 5 sessions
  • 1 & 2 Thessalonians - Walk; It's A Verb

    1 & 2 Thessalonians - Walk; It's A Verb

    1 & 2 Thessalonians are all about walking worthy of God who has called us (1 Thess. 2:12). It's about walking with Jesus like you mean it. After all, "walk" is a verb. 8 sessions
  • Hebrews


    The Supremacy of Christ. Jesus is the fulfillment of all that God promised in the Old Testament. 13 sessions
  • 1 & 2 Peter - Reminders

    1 & 2 Peter - Reminders

    Reminders are important things. They are even more important when we forget the basics. 1 & 2 Peter are written to remind of the importance of living out the basics of the faith. 19 sessions
  • Revelation Deciphered

    Revelation Deciphered

    A verse by verse study through the book of Revelation with an emphasis on application. Be sure to listen to the "Road to Revelation" series for the background 18 sessions


  • Re-Think Tank

    Re-Think Tank

    As Christians we sometimes take for granted certain doctrines and elements of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. This series will help us to re-think through these important areas of faith and practice. 2 sessions
  • Hath God Said?

    Hath God Said?

    Satan tempted Adam and Eve with, "Hath God said?" calling God's word into question and telling them to decide what is good and evil for themselves. His tactics haven't changed. This series examines the cults in light of the question, "Hath Gos said?" 1 sessions
  • Identity - Do You Know Who You Are?

    Identity - Do You Know Who You Are?

    Story, character, change, resolution. You are in a story that God Himself is writing. Do you know who you are? 8 sessions
  • Holy Spirit, Batman!

    Holy Spirit, Batman!

    Batman. Superman. Spiderman. What do all these jokers have in common? They all live double lives. Sound familiar? The Bible calls it the Spirit (the hero) v. the flesh (mild mannered guy). Join us as we study the person, purpose, and power of the Spirit. 9 sessions
  • Miscelaneous Topical Studies

    Miscelaneous Topical Studies

    Studies from holidays or one-off topicals. 34 sessions
  • Covenant and Kingdom

    Covenant and Kingdom

    Covenant. Covenant is about relationship, about two becoming one. Itʼs about being. We are Jesus’ apprentices in relationship. Kingdom. Kingdom is about responsibility, about what God wants you to do on His behalf. Itʼs about doing. We are Jesus’ ambassadors in responsibility. 6 sessions
  • Identity - Crossroads Winter Camp

    Identity - Crossroads Winter Camp

    Corby Stephens speaking at the Crossroads Community Church Winter Camp 2009. 6 sessions
  • What Are We Doing Here?

    What Are We Doing Here?

    A topical series about what the church is, does, and why. 7 sessions
  • Elemental Teaching

    Elemental Teaching

    Sometimes we need reminders of the basics of the faith. Elemental Teachings is an occasional topical study of these basics of the faith. 5 sessions
  • Love Me Do

    Love Me Do

    In John 14 Jesus says, "If you love Me, keep My commandments." What does that me? What does that look like? More than just basic obedience, that's for sure. 8 sessions
  • Abba Father Radio Programs
  • Not A Fan

    Not A Fan

    Are you just a fan, or are you a follower of Jesus? A fan is an enthusiastic admirer. Jesus was never interested in having fans. he is after completely committed followers. 6 sessions
  • First Impressions

    First Impressions

    Sometimes a verse just pops out at you. I wanted to share these first impressions with others, hopefully as a blessing. 3 sessions
  • Questions and Answers

    Questions and Answers

    Q&A Sessions 1 sessions
  • Exodus - Filling In The Blanks

    Exodus - Filling In The Blanks

    This is a commentary on the movie, Exodus: Gods and Kings. What was missing? How can we share the good new of Jesus through this movie? 1 sessions
  • Road to Revelation

    Road to Revelation

    A drive through Revelation can be like a drive through a city you have never been to before and know little to nothing about. You are seeing things but you don't know the history, the significance, the meaning of those things. But they still mean things. Let's learn what they mean before we drive through Revelation. 5 sessions


  • Saturday Night Worship

    Saturday Night Worship

    Recordings from our Saturday Night Worship meetings 9 sessions
  • Notes from the Road

    Notes from the Road

    An ongoing conversation about everyday worship and ministry in the life of the church and the believer. Produced by Corby Stephens. 12 sessions

Miscelaneous Speakers

  • Doug Scott

    Doug Scott

    Studies taught by Doug Scott, Worship Ministry and Youth Discipleship director at The Exchange. 2 sessions
  • Ron Stephens

    Ron Stephens

    Studies from Pastor Ron Stephens of Toutle Christian Fellowship 1 sessions
  • Jeff Bethke

    Jeff Bethke

    Jeff Bethke served as the college ministry intern at The Exchange Church from 2009-2011 1 sessions
  • Gary Anderson

    Gary Anderson

    Gary Anderson is an elder at Exchange Church. 4 sessions
  • Gary Dicklich

    Gary Dicklich

    Pastor Gary Dicklich from Crossroads Community Church speaks at The Exchange Church Men's Day Retreat on loving your wife as Christ loves the church. 4 sessions
  • Bradon Lewis

    Bradon Lewis

    2 sessions
  • Nick Perry

    Nick Perry

    Nick Perry is the youth pastor at The Exchange Church. 2 sessions
  • David Boothe

    David Boothe

    1 sessions
  • Jordan Weston

    Jordan Weston

    Jordan Weston is an elder and the worship leader at Exchange Church. These are his studies. 7 sessions